Owned by Entrepreneur, Producer and Author, Tom Julian,  Creare Media has been blessed with a staff that loves the creative process; remaining focused on one thing… Customizing the right creative and strategic plan for your company, organization and  non-profit.

The windows in our logo represent different companies, industries, organizations and non-profits.

Creare Media…

We strategize, create and plan in accordance to your vision so that those you wish to connect with can look into the specific “windows that share your story” and discover… you.

How can people know your business without the benefits of Digital Marketing? Our Digital Marketing Programs reveals your products to businesses and consumers who may not have ever heard but who through this program can benefit the most.

Specific Marketing

Yes, the internet opens a global market, but true marketing must be specific and plans must have a target. “Your business is unique and your marketing must be specific”.  These meetings that we have in establishing your specific markets… we at Creare Media like to  call these “Treasure Hunts”.


Our goal is not to sell you a product or idea… our passion is to partner with you to promote your business and ideas.

Call us today and ask about….

• Creative Advertising/Creative Services
• Social Media Branding
•  Website Design and Management
• Printing, Packaging & Point of Purchase

• Video Production
• Trade Show, Real Estate Online Marketing
• Ghost Writing
• Blog Administration


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